Muddafucka I'm Will...William Nguyen if you feel like dropping gov's. I freeze time for human beings who would probably never even remember the moments I capture.

This dude is everywhere and you ain't neva there. And if you are then chances are he shot you...die slow. He drops a new album almost everyday, and is steady playing tag with a whole gang of beautiful females (don't get lost in the metaphors). He can be spotted in the VIP with all the women you came to see and he always gets his canon in the club despite a thorough search. The greatest part about Will is I never actually see him taking the photos but somehow the next day, there I am along with every other person that attended. The man has a job to do and it always gets done..."and he still finds time to give drinks out to everybody, everybody fall back, ya'll snappin, he's reenacting!" Plus he's hood certified and asian...

Welcome to my Superior 12!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Superior 12


Nebby said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa betch!!! will-e is the bidness

Crystal said...

No more, Big Willie his game has grown prefer you call him!

I see you Ill Will!!

TITASAYS said...
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Ha ha:) Especially liked the photo:)

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