Leaving Kingston.

Blue Lagoon.

Winnifred Beach.


Gal Ova Gun

Friday, February 26, 2010

JA Pt.1


X said...


starr:] said...

I have a question...How they get to be all lovey dovey w/ you, but I cant? Mm mm mm. A shame.
I derserve better than this babe!

LiLMeXiCo said...

I sees y'all all ova da place ha, thas wassup! N I bet them girls in jamaica also be like.. "thas MFing Drizzy!" LOL

Crystan said...

Check out our blog...


Jamaica may love Drake....but i'm pretty sure London loves him more.

foxxy said...

"and we smoke that kushhhh!"

Jacqueline said...

Whats that pic? Wrapped straws and leafy greens? :)

ryan said...

Aye, these pics are cool. all of that greenery in the box lol...

Chantii said...

"I love Jamaica an' Jamaica loves ME!" [Sanka from "Cool Runnings"; sorry, these pictures reminded me of the movie, lool]

these pictures are beautiful tho [LOOL @ the suitcase]

Brittney said...

OMG THAT GANJA.....................................................................
I want to be with OvO lol

Brittney said...

Very nice pictures of drake showing love too jamaica

Lauren Elle DeGaine said...

very nice boys

mariioTX said...


Nteague1 said...

Lol..Idk why I am laughing,m but Drake you back shot is nice

Nteague1 said...

I wa slike.."40"?? Looks like a buzz cut

beachbum=)** said...

can't believe ur actually in JA.. hopefully u'll come back soon & i get tha chance to see u next time =)

ur ABSOLUTELY the f*ckin besttt.

Procrastination Killz said...

i bet da herb waz RIGHT!
uh huh...

The Heap said...

Where's the Camal Shorts at?

"Camal shorts and bubble kush." - Lil Wayne...single

Kimmo said...

Hahaha at da weeed pic,nex stop south africa

Dionne said...

Big up to PORTLAND... All day everyday!!!

beautiful... said...


beautiful... said...


Matthew said...

im pretty sure its "CAMO shorts and bubble kush..."

MelissawithLove4JayZ said...

that looks like some nice chron
One Love

tt said...

Big ups JA!! bring me back something special..lol..it seems you got enough to share..lol

firefox said...

Beautiful place ^_^

$h@ri said...

u must've had soo much fun and that bud looks delicious... I have never smoked jamaican bud but i heartd it was insaaane. I gotta do that 1 day...Check out Flight Risks new song "Anthem" @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSeewdppyr4

www.flight-risk.com is the blog

Brandon said...


rootsofmischief said...

nigga...u takin BRAND NEW fresh J's onto the beach!?! u must have the young money.

n oh yeah. jamacias nice, but if u want the best trees every you have to come to the san francisco muthafuckin BAY

J. PARSONS said...



G said...

Need another teammate? Say, a good rapper?


I'm just sayin...

IslandChynaDoll said...

Now I'm homesick, lol! - I love my island :). I see my people were good to you - lots of leafy greens :)! Jealous! Looks like you guys had fun...

Annalee said...

I wish I was still in Jamaica while you were there :(. But big ups to my home land!!

I wll you see next month in Boston

Loveyu said...

please take me out on a date!

yung06chick said...

Hope your trip was all good!!!
*much love sent your way*

Adventist Youth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
collegetiffy said...

this makes me want to go home even more..spring break..10' JA..nd im still wonderin why he would go to portland..hmmm..prob for that kush...lmao....Jamaica has mad love for drizzy.....im out...:)

Anonymous said...

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Nay said...

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Jeana714 said...

Drake love da kids...awww how cute taking pics with the kids. Love it!

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Wow, do you have more pictures of that awesome trip it would be so nice.

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Great photos!