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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not Afraid


Mani Singh said...

track and a half

j. wilder said...

Let's be honest, that last Relapse CD was "ehhh"

word. thats very honest. and this song isnt great, but better than anything on the last album.

Anonymous said...

Its so FUCKIN annoying! We poor ppl here in germany/europe cant watch it. fuck youtube...

ublookin83 said...

Okay for all you that just want to bash. Eminem is THE BEST rapper in the game. Like alot of his other raps, he dont repeat the same sentence over and over that consists of 5 words. This song changes up alot, and I like how it sounds alot. WOO Hooo keep doin yo thang! <3

BRE said...

j. wilder I'm so glad he admitted that himself... can't wait for Recovery!!!

William said...


Borough Baby said...

K. A couple things.

1.) Lyrically still on top.
2.) Video looked amazing.
3.) But the C.G. sucked.
4.) What's with all the Nike Sneaker cameos?
5.) Boo on being able to fly.

Steffanie :) said...

Pretty badass :)

Aaron said...

why isnt Em on the album Drizzy?
Or you on Recovery?
Saving the collab for later work?

Nick Sparks Presents said...

Real nice vid. Suprized that his new stuff is so good!

B-MAC said...

yea O, thx for the post man, that't big from Em!!!! We got Detroit on lock September 2nd Eminem & Jay-Z at Comerica Park home of the Tigers.. Em will be there, Jay will be there, I will be out there from NYC, who else gonna be there???

Check out SHADE 45 on SIRIUS/XM

Jael said...

I agree with Aaron, when is Drizzy and Em gonna do a collabo?? I have sooo been looking forward to that. And this is totally irrelevant, but I still wish that Drake would do a vid for Sooner Than Later, I know it's old but omgsh that's like my favorite song you ever wrote..the story line would be pretty easy to interpret, it seems.. just saying.

Shayla said...

OMG! I love this song, so many people loving this right now! And that's how you have to live life too, don't be afraid what have you got to lose anyway?!

I love this and Airplanes (Bobby Ray and Em)...


Robert said...

Read Drake's Lyric Of The Weekend over at The Convo Piece. The topic discussed pertains to whether or not Drake sewed his royal oats with Rihanna. My guess is yes...

GT said...

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Anonymous said...

Before all the haters come on here, let's just make one thing clear: Eminem is the BEST rapper alive PERIOD "no ifs ands or buts".
Boi1da did a nice job on this video, very impressive. The whole storyline came together very nicely & symbolism was. ALL over. This song is EPIC, too epic to be his single I must So therefore you know the entire Recovery album is going to be insane. Em is ridiculous, the epitome of rap, a lyrical GENIUS, the best freestylist I have ever seen. Drake you MUST MUST MUST get on a colab with this guy ASAP.hehe -Sincere Fan <3
June 15th TML
June 22nd Recovery :)

Anonymous said...

NOBODY can flow like Eminem. Eminem has sold 27 million albums altogether, selling diamond at least twice. What have you done?

This song IS great. Listen and stop hearing the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous June 11, 2010 1:18 AM: Thank you!
I loved & agree with how you said "Listen and stop hearing the lyrics". There's a MAJOR difference between listening to something & hearing it. With Em's music you have to listen, you have to pay attention, understand every word he's saying, put his thoughts together so you can come up with the message he's trying to transmit. Sitting down just hearing his rhymes, trust me you're not going to get what he's saying at all. You can hear Lil'Wayne's music (for example) & understand his "metaphors & punchlines" in an instant as soon as you hear it because they're not so deep. But with Eminem, you NEED to meditate & think thoroughly what exactly he's saying & that's why I love him & his music. -Sincere Fan <3

Anonymous said...

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scott said...

alright i know this sounds retarded but i had to ask my girl(christina) her daughter (des) and myself (scott) are big fans and we will be at the show in philly on june 16th and i was wondering if you would be able to do "no one else" in ur set and dedicate it to them it is my girls favorite song thanks much

Anonymous said...

he looks like wentworth miller from 'prison break' in this video ...

... glad to see EM is back though.

keepnitreal said...

I haven't heard the album but i like that track "Not Afraid". If you ask me he still has what it takes. Do what you do....

Padraic said...


Padraic said...
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Louis K said...

I love your musics, the lyric and how you rap

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