Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Young Turks Mixtape


Mykal said... Sometimes something new is found in places in which new was never discovered. -----> <------- Keep searching.

Anonymous said...

What kind shirt is that in the miss me video

Anonymous said...

What shirt? My favorite is the black and white one Drake wears with the cartoon hands that make a gun :)

Nteague1 said...

Oliver..WTF. Why would u just put your drivers license pic up there?? goof. GM DRAKE!!! Ready to try and aspire to be great? Imma let u finish..but Ye directed the best video I eva saw.

Nteague1 said...

ok, i'll be back around 2 for nap time, k buddy??

Anonymous said...

JAMIE SMITH of The xx is working with DRAKE


Anonymous said...

because The xx's label is Young Turks.

Cypher said...

Thanks for posting great music! The tracks kept on getting better and better as the soundtrack went on. The music is so diverse yet it all comes together perfectly. Track number 3 has such a dope house beat and I loved how they mixed pan steal drums with dance music on one of the later tracks. Drake should definitely work with them on his next album!

Nteague1 said...

hey boys!! Drake, did u read today?? Oli, did u finish ur fruit cup?

Anonymous said...


Jayonna Fabro said...
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Cypher said...

LOL I'm the only one that took the time to listen to all of the tracks hahaha. I agree the first 6 minutes is strange, but the Ciara and Chris Brown remixes are dope, but you have to keep on listening to get to them. I personally loved the house track before the Ciara one also. As the soundtrack goes on it gets better and better. I liked the music even though no one else did LOL.

Nteague1 said...

Oliver..dis nail polish ole now.

gloria sue said...

Drake hit me up :) lol 8153193069

Paesano said...

Digging the mix for sure! Big thumbs up to the Young Turks crew and all the artists involved. Holy Fuck drew me to the mix but I found a few new gems. Much love and respect from Northern California.

Anonymous said...

dope mix...

j.oliver said...

dude, um, let's get it crackin, like the new vibes

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